Northwind Precision UAS, Inc.

A professional Unmanned Aerial Solutions Company supporting the Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Regions.

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Residential Real Estate

Providing professional aerial photography and videography to enable your properties to expedite sales by providing your clients with a view of a properties true beauty.


Commercial Real Estate

Availability of both Exterior and Interior imagery, provides prospective clients the all encompasing views of commercial properties that street view photography just cant provide.



Aerial imagery for the landscaping market provides your customers with visual and planning tools for your projects enabling greater perpectives from above.

Insurance Adjustments

Aerial chronicling for insurance puropses can easily illustrate the full scope of property damage, giving you piece of mind that the proper damage assessments and adjustments will be made.


Construction Inspections/Survey

Providing Developers and Project Managers the real-time imagery needed to make critical, time-saving decisions for any sized construction project; Residential, Commercial or Industrial.

3D Models / Orthomosaics / DSM-DTM

Employing state of the art professional 3D modeling software, GPU CUDA processing, and the utilization of UAS imagery provides our clients with exceptional 3D, Orthomosaic and DSM-DTM products at a price point that is a fraction of those involving full-scale, fixed-wing aircraft.

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